That's how this all started! We deliver boxes of awesome food to people throughout our province.  

We deliver right to your home in Kelowna! Don't live in Kelowna?  Delivery is available to homes in the North Okanagan and Kamloops.  We also have pickup points throughout BC (which is actually the BIGGEST part of our business!)

How it works

1. Make an Account Online

2. Pick your box and set the frequency

3. Login each week to make subs, add on,or skip a week

4. We deliver to your home or pickup location




Our delivery service isn't zero waste, but here are some great things we are doing:

1. Community Compost:Not only do we compost our waste, but we open it up to the community to use!

2. Composting wax boxes:  They aren't recyclable, so we compost them!

3. Intense recycling: Michelle, our goddess of the environment makes sure we recycle every sick of garbage at Farm Bound.  

4. U-box Program at UBCO: We sell our #2 grade produce to University students at a discount rather than composting it!

5. Weekly warehouse sales.  We offer our abundance to the community at discounted prices each Thursday and Saturday.