How it Works

1. Bring your re-usable containers to the store

don't worry, we have some you can buy if you forget, or we have compostable paper bags

2. Tare your containers when you enter

use our crayon to write your container weight so you don't end up paying for those precious grams

3. Fill your container with your food

we have some re-fillable products and some where you pay a deposit for the jar and swap it out on your next visit

4. Pay at the til

our friendly and fun staff will ring each item through deducting the weight of your container


- If you use our jars you don't have to tare each time, we know the weight!

- Bring a box or bag to carry your jars in

- Bring some extra jars just in case! So many yummy things!

- Want to order by the case? No problem! Ask about getting in on our bulk ordering. 

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