Do you spend $67+/month

at the Zero Waste Store?

Become a

farm bound

zero waste


You don't need to be a member to shop in the store, but if you shop there a lot, check it out and you can save some bucks and help out families in need.

What is it?

Be an eco-friendly shopper that saves money and gives back to the community through the gift of organic food.



1. Get access to our members only bulk ordering for big savings.

2. Discount of 4% off regular priced fresh food, dried goods and zero waste living supplies in store every day. (excludes meat, dairy/dairy subs, baked goods and consignment items)

3. Monthly Member Appreciation day where you can shop fresh produce and dried goods for 15% off.

4. Discounts at other eco-friendly local businesses.

5. Discounts on Farm Bound workshops.

6.  1% of your sales will go towards buying ORGANIC food for families in need.

7. 50% off compost dumping fees

 You also have the option to 'donate your discount" when you checkout.  This will put all 5% towards buying organic food for families in need.

How it Works

Provide your name or phone number at the Farm Bound store to get your discount.

Starting at $10/month, you only need to spend $67/month on member appreciation day to break even, anything more than that is savings in your jeans!

You also get access to exclusive bulk ordering options at BIG discounts.

Got a big family?

Vegan and go through cashews like nobody's business? Then you will love to take advantage of the bulk ordering.


Giving back is important in the permaculture cycle.  At the end of each month we tally up all of the membership sales and give out Farm Bound gift cards to the Mama's for Mama's Sustainable Nourishment Program!  


Help people feel good by fueling their body with the best food.