Erin Ireland's famous bread! 

Delivered Friday May 10th

Slices will be available in store ($4/slice)

Pre-orders for entire loaf no later than May 7th

Bread must be picked up on May 10th

Size: 1300g, 9” x 4.5”

Ingredients: Flour, organic cane sugar, coconut, coconut milk, poppyseeds,millet, lemon zest, lemon juice, baking powder, coconut oil, salt, vanilla.
● Allergens: Contains gluten, contains tree nuts, contains traces of all nuts

● Shelf life: 7 days (longer if kept in fridge)

● Storage info: please keep wrapped in saran wrap (not exposed to air). Please remove from fridge several hours before serving so it has a chance to soften up.

Lemon Loaf - coconut and poppy seeds